Grant Turner (Ricky Mokel)


Grant Turner wasn’t always Ricky Mokel, the hilarious stage hand you see today. But he was always witty! Grant grew up in Decatur, Georgia playing football and was described in the high school yearbook as a “locker room comedian.” After graduation from UGA, Grant clowned his way out of a perfectly good job in the Atlanta advertising business. Fortunately, he had begun doing stand-up comedy in a downtown pizza parlor as a hobby. After a decade of headlining in comedy clubs, a new persona began to emerge on stage: a guy who just came in to use the phone; a spontaneous, idea-spewing, dumb-sounding character who is really very smart and talented.

What most amazes people, however, is that Grant’s humor is effortlessly G-rated and appropriate for all ages. How refreshing is that? In an attempt to explain his gift, Grant says, “I think Ricky is who I was supposed to be until I was 5 years old and hit my face on a brick flower bed. I was different after that. But now I’m Ricky again.” His popular comedy CDs and DVDs are sold in the Alabama Theatre gift shop. To contact Grant/Ricky directly, visit !

   Grant, when identifying as Ricky, enjoys living with his wife, KImbra, driving spiritedly around on-ramps and off-ramps, playing the bongos and thinking about stuff.  When he feels like Grant, he enjoys living with his wife, Kay, writing and directing radio and TV commercials, playing with the grandkids Hazel, Roman and Bella and going crazy on an entire drum kit. 

Both Grant and Ricky enjoy the sold-out Ricky Mokel Comedy Shows here at the Alabama Theatre!  Check our latest concert schedule for date and times. 

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