Grant Turner

    was born in Atlanta, GA. At the age of 21, after graduating from the University of Georgia with a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism, he began a career as an advertising account executive that lasted 2.5 years. Grant was fired one Monday morning and told to clean out his desk immediately. It had been a mistake to excuse himself from a meeting to catch a plane in order to perform in a distant comedy club.

     At age 25, when no other advertising job materialized, Grant felt he had no choice but to "go on the road" as a full-time stand-up comic. His hobby would now become his livelihood. He would give himself 3 years to "make it" in show business. That was 33 years ago. By his mid 30's, Grant had been married for 12 years and had two young children. In order to survive in comedy and support his family, he invented a new stage persona, a character he named Ricky Mokel. Grant found he could easily and effectively improvise onstage as Ricky. Within 9 months Ricky was a headliner! Ricky Mokel was inspired by his experiences with casting agents in Hollywood who saw Southerners only as dumb, lowlife rednecks. He would sound like they expected him to sound, but he always turns out to be the smartest person in the room. All the while, being effortlessly G-rated and unexpectedly insightful.

     Since 2000 Grant has performed 6-nights a week at the Alabama Theatre as Ricky Mokel, his alter ego. Twice a year you can enjoy his one-man show, The Ricky Mokel Comedy Show, which sells out! Order your tickets now! Get his CD's, DVD's and tee-shirts in the gift shop or at

Grant and his wife Kay live in North Myrtle Beach with two dogs and a talking bird. They have one grandchild, Bella. Grant enjoys driving his sports car around a road course and taking long distance driving trips with his navigator, Kay.